What is IGCSE Global Perspectives?

2018-2020 Global Perspectives Syllabus.pdf

Above, you will find the 2018-2020 Syllabus for IGCSE Global Perspectives. The 2021 Syllabus can be found here.

Cambridge IGCSE Global Perspectives provides opportunities for enquiry into, and reflection on, key global issues from different perspectives: personal, local/national and global.

Cambridge IGCSE Global Perspectives encourages awareness of global problems and offers a range of opportunities to explore solutions through cooperation and collaboration.

The course is not about getting everybody to think identically; rather it is a matter of opening minds to the complexity of the world and of human thought, and encouraging empathy for the diversity of human experience and feeling.

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IGCSE GP 2-year Course Plan

GP 2-year Plan.docx

Goal for students: Grade 'A'

To achieve grade 'A', the candidate is likely to be able to:

• research global issues and identify, analyse and evaluate a range of different perspectives, arguments and sources of evidence

• evaluate evidence and reasoning used, with their own comments fully developed

• show clear understanding with some insight of how the perspectives and conclusions of others have influenced own views, attitudes and personal learning

• develop a convincing line of reasoning, using evidence to support an argument, perspective, course of action or outcome

• collaborate effectively to clearly communicate different cultural perspectives, remaining active and committed throughout the process.