1. Belief Systems

Belief Systems Overview

In this unit you will learn about:

Assignment 1


Native English Speakers: For each word on the list, find and type the English definition.

English Learners: For each word on the list, find and type both the English definition and the translation into your native language.

Copy of Belief Systems Vocab List

Assignment 2

The 5 Major World Religions

Regardless of your personal beliefs, each of these 5 Religions (Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism, Islam, Judaism) have had a significant impact on the world. In this lesson, you will learn the basic beliefs of each of the 5 religions.

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Assignment 3

What is "Knowledge?"

The study of knowledge is a branch of philosophy called "epistemology" - it asks the question "how do we know what we know?"

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Assignment 4

Freedom of Religion

Freedom to follow your own conscience and practice your chosen religion is a fundamental human right. Watch the video to find out why it is so important.

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Assignment 5

Religious Tolerance

"The alarming examples of intolerance, which go along with growing religious conservatism [in Indonesia] and get a free ride in the burgeoning democracy by weak governments in the wake of the 1998 wave of political reform, have been sounding a death knell for the diversity of Indonesia." (The Jakarta Post / Winda A. Charmila)

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