5. Poverty & Inequality

Poverty & Inequality Overview

In this unit you will learn about:

Assignment 1


Native English Speakers: For each word on the list, find and type the English definition.

English Learners: For each word on the list, find and type both the English definition and the translation into your native language.

Copy of Poverty & Inequality Vocab List

Assignment 2

Why are some countries poor and others rich?

Assignment 3

Income & Wealth Inequality

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Assignments 4 & 5

Assignment 4: Consequences of Inequality

Watch the video and answer the questions in the Form to learn about the consequences of inequality.

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Assignment 5: Economic Equality Should be Given Priority Over Economic Growth

Click through the presentation and take Cornell Notes. Be ready to discuss anything in the presentation in your next class.

Economic equality should be given priority over economic growth.pptx

Assignment 6

What Gives a Dollar Bill its Value?

Watch the video to learn how. The document on the right contains additional resources for further study.

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Dollar Value Additional Resources.docx

Assignment 7


What is discrimination and why is it a problem?

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Assignment 8

How is Poverty Measured?

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