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Civic Online Reasoning & IGCSE Global Perspectives Skills

The Stanford History Education Group have created a wonderful set of resources to teach Civic Online Reasoning. Many of the skills taught by these lessons are the same skills you need to do well in IGCSE Global Perspectives. If you are a teacher, you can click the links above to download the original lessons plus the rubrics for each activity; a SHEG account is free to sign-up, and all the lessons are free as well.

Global Perspectives Skills

The below table shows the various skills required to achieve a grade of "A" in this course, and the connections between the skills & Assessment Objectives.

Think of this as breaking the Assessment Objectives down into bite-sized pieces, which will make it easier for you to achieve proficiency in each of these skills.

Elsewhere in this section you will find some skill drills to help you begin mastering these skills. We will also cultivate proficiency in each of the 24 skills throughout the 2-year course, by undertaking Team Projects, writing Individual Reports and taking mock Written Exams, leading up to the final coursework samples & Final Exam (to be sent to Cambridge).

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