Grade 6

Assessment Objectives

Below you will see what students are expected to be able to do by the end of Year 6 (Stage 7):


  • Construct Relevant Research Questions

  • Identify and begin to reference a range of print and multimedia sources and use them to locate relevant information and answer research questions

  • Select an appropriate method and conduct research to test predictions and begin to answer a research question

  • Select, organise and record relevant information from a range of sources and findings from research, using appropriate methods


  • Identify ideas and evidence from different perspectives within different sources, on a given topic

  • Explain how graphical or numerical data supports an argument

  • Explain causes of a local or global issue and consequences on others

  • Suggest and justify different actions to make a positive difference to a national or global issue


  • Evaluate sources, considering the author and purpose, recognising that some sources may be biased

  • Discuss the effectiveness of a source, making explicit reference to its development of an argument


  • Explain personal contribution to teamwork and identify targets for improvement

  • Consider the benefits and challenges of teamwork experienced when working together to achieve a shared outcome

  • Consider ways that personal perspective on an issue may have changed as a result of conducting research or exploring different perspectives

  • Identify skills learned or improved during an activity and relate to personal strengths and areas for improvement


  • The team assign roles and divide tasks fairly, considering skills of team members and time available, and work together to achieve a shared outcome

  • The team member introduces useful ideas to help achieve a shared outcome and works positively to resolve conflict, solve problems and encourage other team members to participate, when required


  • Present information and arguments clearly with some reasoning, referencing sources where appropriate

  • Listen to ideas and information and offer relevant and well-judged contributions that demonstrate understanding of the issue