Checkpoint: Research Report

!!! Important !!!

Your teacher is not allowed to:

  • undertake any research for you

  • write any part of your research reports

  • mark, correct, or annotate any drafts that are produced before you submit your final version.

Requirements for the Research Report

  • Carefully plan your research report

  • Address each specific assessment criterion in the Mark Scheme

  • Word count: 800-1000 words (NOT including the bibliography/reference list)

  • Learners will need approximately 8 to 10 hours to plan and write their research report

[Your research question is the Title]

  1. Introduction: a description of the issue

  2. Analyze the Causes and Consequences of the issue

    • Global perspective, causes, and consequences

    • National perspective, causes, and consequences (1 country only)

    • Different Perspectives (Compare & Contrast Global & National Perspectives)

  3. Source evaluation

  4. National or Local Course of Action

  5. Conclusion

    • Answer your research question clearly in 1 sentence

    • Summarize your main points

    • Reflection: pick one source, cite it, and tell your reader what you learned from that source

  6. Bibliography (source list)

Checkpoint Mark Scheme

Copy of Checkpoint Rubric

Above you will find the mark scheme for the Research Report. Study it carefully to ensure you write a great Research Report!

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