The Global Perspectives Hub

GP Hub Licenses - US$ 150

  • IGCSE $150 each, Lower Secondary $150 each.

  • You will receive an exact copy of the site for whichever level you've purchased, including all Google Forms, Slides, Docs, and other teaching materials.

  • Licenses are perpetual; one (1) teacher can use their license with multiple groups of students, forever.

  • Licenses are for one (1) teacher's use only; licenses are not shareable or transferrable.

  • You'll need a free Gmail or other Google Account (if your school uses Google Classroom, for example, you may use your school email).

  • Payment is by PayPal/Credit/Debit card or Bitcoin only (scroll down for links) - bank transfers are not accepted.

  • For questions about licensing the GP Hub, email

Ways to Pay

What happened to the GP hub?

I'm sure you're all wondering. I'm no longer a teacher, so this site is a side project for me now. It also costs money to continue running; hosting fees, Google Workspace subscription, along with the time & energy to run the site and create content. So, unfortunately the site no longer has open and free access.

For questions about licensing the GP Hub, email