The Global Perspectives Hub

GP Hub Licenses - US$ 150

  • IGCSE $150 each, Lower Secondary $150 each.

  • You will receive an exact copy of the site for whichever level you've purchased, including all Google Forms, Slides, Docs, and other teaching materials.

  • Licenses are perpetual; one (1) teacher can use their license with multiple groups of students, forever.

  • Licenses are for one (1) teacher's use only; licenses are not shareable or transferrable.

  • You'll need a free Gmail or other Google Account (if your school uses Google Classroom, for example, you may use your school email).

  • Payment is by PayPal/Credit/Debit card or Bitcoin only (scroll down for links) - bank transfers are not accepted.

  • For questions about licensing the GP Hub, email

Bitcoin Payment

Use the QR code or the address below for Bitcoin payment

Bitcoin Address: 334fcEXtS5e3NnzVBXD8XuUYnMmTaijyJK

PayPal or Credit Card Payment

Use the QR code or the buttons below for PayPal payment

PayPal link:

Use the QR code or the links below for PayPal

What happened to the GP hub?

I'm sure you're all wondering. I'm no longer a teacher, so this site is a side project for me now. It also costs money to continue running; hosting fees, Google Workspace subscription, along with the time & energy to run the site and create content. So, unfortunately the site no longer has open and free access.

You can license your own copy of the site for US$150 per license, per year level, per teacher. You will need a separate license for each of Lower Secondary, IGCSE, and A*/AS Levels (coming spring 2022). These are perpetual licenses so you can continue to use your copy of the GP Hub forever. Scroll down to find payment buttons for PayPal, Venmo, or a major credit or debit card. Note that I have to manually create a unique copy of the site and all associated files for each customer, and this usually takes 1 business day to complete, depending on the number of orders received.

Once you've paid, feel free to send me an email notifying me of your purchase and which year level you are interested in. I'm also happy to customize the site in any way you like within the software limitations of Google Sites, for an additional fee (fees are based on the nature of the customizations - email me for a consultation).

For questions about licensing the GP Hub, email