Sample team project Topic: Sport and recreation

Sport and Recreation Overview

In this unit you will learn about:

There is also an example of a possible Team Project related to this topic.

Assignment 1


Native English Speakers: For each word on the list, find and type the English definition.

English Learners: For each word on the list, find and type both the English definition and the translation into your native language.

Copy of Sport & Recreation Vocab List

Team Project Idea: Create an Olympic Park

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Assignment 2

The Olympic Games do More Harm than Good

Click through the presentation on the right and take Cornell Notes. Be ready to discuss anything in the presentation in your next class.

The Olympic Games do more harm than good.pptx

Assignment 3

Corruption in Professional Sports

Why does it happen and what can be done about it?

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Assignment 4

Doping in Sports

Is doping cheating or an inevitable part of professional sports?

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Assignment 5

The Olympics & the Economy

Do the Olympics benefit or harm the economy?

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