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My name is Paul. I'm a father, grad student, teacher, and instructional designer.

Many of my resources are freely available for sharing, all you need do is send me a request via Google Drive. However, the Google Forms are for sale on my Teachers Pay Teachers Store Here.

I also do consulting and coaching on eLearning, instructional & curriculum design, and tech integration. Send me an email at admin@paulstarbuck.com if you'd like to work with me.

Happy studying!


e-Learning, Instructional Design, and tech integration coaching

For Schools and Businesses

I plan and develop e-learning projects for schools and businesses. If you're interested in working with me, please send me an email. I specialize in tech integration and coaching for K-12 schools.

This site is an example of the kind of solution I can create. I was not satisfied with the current textbooks for IGCSE Global Perspectives so I decided to create this website as a content base for teaching that subject.

Below you can see some of my work; on the right, you'll see some things my students have done.

Interested in working with me? Send me an email:


Instructional Design Portfolio

Phishing 101 Course - Articulate Rise 360

This is a course on how to detect scam emails. I built the course to be fully responsive on mobile using Articulate Rise 360. It uses level 2 eLearning interactions like drag-and-drops & click-and-reveals to help adults learn how to avoid becoming a victim of a phishing scam. I was surprised to learn that 97% of adults

Image Credit: mohammad hassan/pxhere

Branching Scenario - Camtasia Interactive Video

Above is a screencast featuring a simple branching scenario - skip to 2:36 to see the branching choices. I made this in Camtasia and hosted it on screencast.com in order to preserve the branching features. This would be a good way to introduce the topic of Education as a Human Right to high school students, and help them to see the relative merits of each perspective on the issue.

Credits: UNESCO (video) and CIE (perspectives)

Examples of Student Work

Creating a Tour in Google Earth - Tracking the spread of a disease